Freedom Supports Ohio Senate Bill 4

The Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition has been following legislation for Ohio Senate Bill 4 and Ohio House Bill 56 and are asking us to support Senate Bill 4.

Ohio Senate Bill 4 focuses on helping sex trafficking survivors expunge criminal records from when they were trafficked. While Ohio House Bill 56 has the same intent as SB 4 and similar language, it is much more restrictive than the version of SB 4 that passed the Ohio Senate, which means only a very restricted class of sex trafficking survivors will be able to expunge their criminal records if HB 56 passes.

This leaves a number of sex trafficking survivors out in the cold – quite literally, as they will continue to struggle to secure housing and employment with their outstanding criminal records.

Please call the chair and your representatives on the House Criminal Justice Committee to voice support of Senate Bill 4.

Committee Chair – Representative Nathan H. Manning (R-55, Lorain County) 614-644-5076
Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D-25, Franklin County)  614-466-5343
Representative Laura Lanese (R-23, Franklin County)  614-466-9690



Having my record expunged would allow me to let go of one of the last things from my past that still puts a negative label on me. It would make me feel more confident about applying for things like a future job, a new home, a new car or my social worker’s license. Now when I apply for things, I have to list my record and then explain that I’m not that person anymore. It would be so freeing to not have to explain myself anymore!

April Thacker, Survivor and Freedom a la Cart Case Manager