Freedom Joins Social Enterprises to Test New Validated Social Impact Seal!

Freedom has been selected to join and test the new validated Social Impact Seal! So, what does that mean?

SocialVentures, the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, and Measurement Resources Company have joined forced to develop and launch a unique, innovative pilot program on behalf of the rapidly growing social enterprise sector, to validate the social impact they communicate to community stakeholders, consumers, and investors.

B Labs and its Certified B Corp program have gained significant traction over the years as a way to communicate businesses’ transparency as it relates to their commitment to ethical business practices, as well as their commitment to using environmental sustainability. Similarly, Conscious Capitalism is also trending among corporations examining their 360-degree impact, and exploring how business decisions, relationships and policies manifest in both intended and unintended consequences throughout their supply chains, their workforce, and the communities they serve.

But until now, there has not been a single organization to oversee and offer an affordable equivalent to social enterprises seeking to have their social impact validated by an independent third party. This has become increasingly problematic for social enterprises, as well as for consumers and impact investors, who want to know that their purchases and investments are supporting the social impact efforts that social enterprises are claiming they achieve.

Freedom a la Cart + 12 other social enterprise pilot program participants have successfully completed the process to demonstrate that our social impact is legitimate. And now, our organization will begin to market test a new seal that communicates this third-party validation. As shown in the image above, this new seal will appear throughout our marketing materials.

Check out the other 12 social enterprises participating in the social impact validation pilot program:

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