workforce development

We believe that women who’ve been exploited through the commercial sex industry should be empowered to gain freedom through personal and economic independence. So Freedom developed a café + bakery + catering social enterprise to offer survivors comprehensive workforce + life skills training within a safe environment that understands the complex trauma they have endured and supports their continual journey of restoration. Our holistic workforce development program includes paid employment along with supportive services like: resource (case) management; job coaching; time management; conflict resolution; giving + receiving feedback; trauma counseling; savings incentives; educational tutors; financial literacy and job searching. By addressing this link between impact services, community, and employment, survivors are able to build a life of independence. Our goal is to prepare survivors for personal and economic stability, train them for jobs in the community and link them directly with employers.


Survey results show that the women in our workforce development program are gaining personal confidence; increasing their ability to manage money; planning for their future by setting goals; improving time management skills; learning to communicate effectively and stay calm in situations where they feel stressed, angry or afraid; maintaining a positive attitude at work and in their personal lives; and becoming more self-sufficient.

“This program saves me every time I feel as though I can’t get through something. I come to Freedom and they show me how to walk through it. Freedom shows me I don’t have to use to deal with life problems. I LOVE Freedom a la Cart!”

– program participant