workforce development

After 6-months of sobriety, survivors are eligible to transition into our workforce development program, where they receive paid training and personal support while working in our catering kitchen + café. Our 24-month program includes resource management, job coaching, life skills development, social connection, trauma counseling, educational support and financial literacy. Survivors are able to experience paid job shadowing and internships with business partners as they explore what different career paths might look like for them. As they secure their next stable job, we continue direct support for another year to strengthen job retention.

Interested in being a mentor to a participant in our Workforce Development Program? Learn more here!


our impact

“This program saves me. Every time I feel as though I can’t get through something I come to Freedom and they show me how to walk through it. Freedom shows me I don’t have to use [drugs] to deal with life problems. I LOVE Freedom a la Cart!”

– program participant