catch court support

 For over 15 years, Freedom a la Cart has partnered with Franklin County Municipal Court’s CATCH Court program. CATCH is a specialized docket designed to identify victims of sex trafficking, help get them into treatment and give them a chance to restore their lives during and following their involvement with the justice system.

Today, Freedom a la Cart continues to work alongside CATCH Court to fill gaps in service and build relationships of trust with the individuals going through the court’s two-year program. We provide the group with monthly outings, weekly luncheons, retreats and a graduation ceremony; and individuals with personal mentors and basic needs like clothing and hygiene products when they get out of jail, help with reinstatement of driver’s licenses and assistance in securing birth certificates and other IDs.



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This program was financially assisted by the Ohio State Bar Foundation.

Additional thanks to Playset for their partial in-kind sponsorship of this project.

our impact

“CATCH helped me not want to die anymore. . . now I can breathe, there are times I feel like I’m suffocating, but at least I know I don’t want to die.  I’ve broken free from continuous imprisonment.”

-program participant