butterfly program

Research shows that personal connection to a community is vital to healing from trauma and substance use disorder. So, Freedom created the Butterfly Program as a peer-to-peer initiative for life-long support throughout one’s journey. It’s a safe space for survivors to gather socially or access needed services that help support what’s next in life — sustainable jobs in the community, economic independence, and tools that lead to gaining and maintaining self-sufficiency.  Butterflies work toward a GED or high school diploma, participate in counseling, receive assistance with childcare paperwork, fill out forms to reinstate a driver’s license, apply to college, develop a resume or work with an attorney to get record expungement. 


This program was financially assisted by the Ohio State Bar Foundation.

Additional thanks to Playset for their partial in-kind sponsorship of this project.

significance of the butterfly

A butterfly’s purpose is to carry pollen to the world’s fruits, vegetables and flowers which produces new seeds that help make our world grow stronger and healthier. The purpose of Freedom’s  Butterfly Program is very similar.The program’s purpose is to support other Butterflies by carrying experience, strength and hope; planting seeds of inspiration, encouragement and love; and helping each other grow stronger and healthier in self sufficiency and recovery.

our impact

“An awesome support network that has empowered me by developing good social skills by sharing, participating in activities with other Butterflies, and being able to give and listen to positive criticism. I am, and will be forever grateful to Freedom a la Cart for creating and sponsoring the Butterfly group, and assisting us to develop life skills and self-sufficiency!”