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What is sex trafficking? Does it really happen here? What’s being done about it? How can an individual like myself help the cause?

Check out Voices of Freedom, a monthly podcast hosted by Freedom a la Cart. We’re here to cover it all, from human trafficking research and laws to personal stories from the community.

We will host a variety of guests including sex trafficking survivors, Freedom a la Cart team members, partner organizations, law enforcement officials, mental health & substance use professionals, and other human trafficking experts.

Join us as we take the conversation deeper, elevate survivors and their stories, educate the community, and advocate for an important cause.

Listen to us wherever you listen to podcasts. We can’t wait for you to join the conversation!



season three episode one

Have you heard the term re-exploitation?

On today’s episode, we dive into a conversation about the work Freedom a la Cart has been doing around re-exploitation within our organization. Guests Paula Haines, Freedom a la Cart CEO, and Jomel Spurlock, Director of Victim Services for the Human Trafficking Initiative + Freedom a la Cart board member share what changes have been made in our organization to better combat re-exploitation and share tips on what you can do within your organization. 


season three episode two

This week on Voices of Freedom Survivor Expert, Alicia Ley, joins us and educates on Familial Trafficking through her lived experience and expertise.

She shares how trust is built to normalize trafficking within a family, what grooming may look like, and the power of family secrets.

Alicia shares a couple of powerful quotes that we encourage you to take with you after listening to this episode: “We can’t own what other people pass on to us but we can own ourselves” and “We can all be family tree changers”.

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season three episode three

On this week’s episode of the Voices of Freedom podcast, Paula Lybrook joins us and shares an inside look at her journey of being a parent to a survivor of sex trafficking.

Paula’s family story is real and vulnerable. We hope her words leave you looking inward on how you can take her lived experience and apply it to your own family.


season three episode four

Chris Stollar, author + educator, joins us on this week’s episode to share an inside look at what he has learned from participants who go through She Has A Name’s Solicitor Education Program.

Chris also shares a story from Ryan, a Solicitor Education Program graduate, and tells how the program helped Ryan find a new desire to help fight human trafficking.

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season three episode five

This week’s episode is unique and exciting because we had a male survivor join us and share an inside look at his lived experience.

John-Michael Lander is a former Olympic diving contender and sexual abuse survivor. As a 14-year-old Olympic-bound athlete, the adults entrusted in John-Michael’s training groomed and trafficked him into silence. Through writing, speaking, and consulting, he helps individuals and organizations identify the Predatory Grooming Trifecta©.

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season three episode six

On today’s episode, we give you an inside scoop of our Workforce Development Program featuring, Vanessa and special co-host Dorie.

Vanessa takes us on a journey of how our program developed, what the phases look like within the program, and shares how YOU can help serve our participants.



season three episode seven

This week on Voices of Freedom we chatted with Survivor Leader Teonna, who shared her holistic approach to recovery and how she has adapted a holistic approach to other areas of her life. 

Tune in to hear how you can start implementing a more natural approach to supporting your daily life! 

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