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voices of freedom

What is sex trafficking? Does it really happen here? What’s being done about it? How can an individual like myself help the cause?

Introducing Voices of Freedom, a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Freedom team members Devin and Mandie. We’re here to cover it all, from human trafficking research and laws to personal stories from the community.

We will host a variety of guests including sex trafficking survivors, Freedom a la Cart team members, partner organizations, law enforcement officials, mental health & substance use professionals, and other human trafficking experts.

Join us as we take the conversation deeper, elevate survivors and their stories, educate the community, and advocate for an important cause.

Listen to us wherever you listen to podcasts. We can’t wait for you to join the conversation!


About Your Co-hosts


meet devin

Hey guys! I’m Devin the Marketing Manager here at Freedom a la Cart. In my free time I enjoy going on walks to the lake with my pups, Finn + Ava, trying local restaurants (anything with tacos I am there), shopping at small business boutiques, trying not to kill my plants, collecting honey from my bees and staying up to date on the latest Law & Order SVU episode (Olivia Benson is a Queen!).


meet mandie

Hi! I am Mandie, a woman/mother/wife in recovery from trauma, sex trafficking and addiction. I am the resource manager here at Freedom a la Cart, providing services and support to the butterflies, which is our survivor community of women. Currently I am in school working towards achieving a degree in forensic criminology. I love traveling to as many places as possible and really enjoy riding my Harley. My ultimate career goal is to help create/be a part of a restorative justice program for offenders.


episode one

In episode one, we share who Freedom a la Cart is, what to expect from the Voices of Freedom podcast, and more!

Next episode we will interview one of the first survivors in Freedom’s workforce development program.

We are so happy to have you join us!

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episode two

In this week’s episode, we sat down with Vanessa, a survivor of sex trafficking who shares her timeline of how she became a person who was sex trafficked.

Vanessa’s story is packed full of trauma but she also manages to see the funny moments in between the dark times, we hope you share a few laughs with us as well.

Thank you for joining the conversation and we hope you share your voice, because your voice matters.

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episode three

On this week’s episode of Voices of Freedom, we had the opportunity of sitting down and chatting with Gwen, the CATCH Court Program Leader. We talked about everything from Social Justice, mental health days, human trafficking, and more. The truth she speaks will leave you with goosebumps!

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episode four

Our friend Mandi Pierson joined us for this week’s episode. We chatted about mental health, seeking help, what a relationship with your counselor may look like, things to do for better mental health, and more.

Mandi is a trauma-informed co-director and clinician at Porchlight here in Columbus.

To reach out to Porchlight about counseling services or trauma-informed workshops head to their page here.

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episode five

We are SO excited for you to listen to this week’s episode with our fabulous guest, Rose!

Rose has worked in our workforce development program for just over 18 months and has truly blown us away by her resilience and dedication to her own future.

While at Freedom, Rose has graduated from CATCH Court and Amethyst, got her driver’s license through Freedom’s Driver’s License Reinstatement program, and continued to work toward acquiring her GED. In addition to this, Rose participated in Freedom’s Savings Match Program and purchased a car through Freedom’s partnership with Ricart Automotive.

Since gaining her license, Rose has become one of our star delivery drivers! You may see her dropping off your catering order.

Rose shares her story with us this week — and it will be sure to leave you longing for change!

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode as much as we did — and we ask that you share your voice, because your voice matters!

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episode six

We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Dana, the Director of the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force this week!

Dana gives a good insight into what she does to help the human trafficking issue here in Central, Ohio.

She tells us about her diverse team, what a ‘John’ is, and more!

We hope you enjoy this episode and want to urge you to use your voice, because your voice matters.

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episode seven

 This week we had Hannah join us to chat about her work within the Anti-Human Trafficking Movement and mental health.

Hannah shares with us about the impact CATCH had on her life, her new ventures with Porchlight & Sanctuary Night, and tips for bettering your mental health.

We know this episode is going to leave you motivated for change! 

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episode eight

On this week of Voices of Freedom, we had Christina Conrad with the FBI, join us!

This episode got deep quickly chatting about cards that you can find in Las Vegas.

Curious how to stop sex trafficking? Christina mic drops us with the simplest of answers.

Christina also shares with us how she became a Victim Specialist with the FBI and what she does in her free time.

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