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What is sex trafficking? Does it really happen here? What’s being done about it? How can an individual like myself help the cause?

Check out Voices of Freedom, a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Freedom team member, Devin + special guest co-hosts. We’re here to cover it all, from human trafficking research and laws to personal stories from the community.

We will host a variety of guests including sex trafficking survivors, Freedom a la Cart team members, partner organizations, law enforcement officials, mental health & substance use professionals, and other human trafficking experts.

Join us as we take the conversation deeper, elevate survivors and their stories, educate the community, and advocate for an important cause.

Listen to us wherever you listen to podcasts. We can’t wait for you to join the conversation!



season two episode one

In this episode, you will hear from Nicole Bromley, sexual abuse survivor, author, and professional speaker, share her story and how it has impacted the rest of her life.

You can find out more about Nicole and her nonprofit, OneVoice here!

We hope you enjoy this LIVE episode!

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season two episode two

In this episode of Voices of Freedom, our guest Hollie shares her story of being a sex trafficking survivor. Her story is very traumatic and she shares some of her deep traumas with us. She also shares how she has been dealing with her harsh childhood and what the process of healing is like for her.

We hope this episode leaves you with a better understanding of how scarily easy it is to fall into the sex trafficking world.

We want to thank Hollie for her vulnerability in sharing her story with us.

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season two episode three

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to highlight our friends at the Black Women Rise Poetry Collective!

In our latest episode of Voices of Freedom, we chatted with Barbara and Dorie, who are both involved with the collective. They shared how the collective got started, how it has impacted their lives, and what their hope is for its future.

They also shared their perspective on what it means to be a Black woman during Black History Month– celebrating their culture every day!

Barbara left our audience with a powerful message – “share your voice!” 💚

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season two episode four

We know you probably are all aware that the Arnold Classic is coming back to town this week. While this is an exciting event to those participating we want to bring awareness to another important factor of this event.

Large sporting events like this one also increase the amount of sex trafficking in our community.

To help us share this information we asked best-selling author and survivor leader, Theresa Flores, to join us on the Voices of Freedom podcast to share her expertise on this subject.

Theresa also shares how she got involved with the Anti-Human Trafficking community and about the nonprofit she started called The S.O.A.P Project.

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season two episode five

Jennifer Rausch joined us this week for an inside scoop on what its like to be an Attorney within the Human Trafficking Community.

Jennifer is the Legal Director within the Human Trafficking Initiative at Ohio Attorney General’s Office. In this episode, she shares how her career has lead her to her current role within the Human Trafficking Initiative, what she has learned along the way, and how we can all do more.

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season two episode six

This week the Honorable Judge Herbert joined us and we promise friends – it’s a must listen! He shared how CATCH Court was developed and why, how men can get more involved in the anti-human trafficking community, and he even spilled the beans on how he felt going to speak at a prison, which may leave you surprised.

Let us know what you think of this episode in the comments!

P.S. we have a sandwich named after Judge Herbert here at the Freedom a la Cart café + bakery — it’s the “Don’t Judge Me” sandwich. Come give it a try!

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season two episode seven

We are so excited to share this week’s Voices of Freedom episode with you! Sophia Fifner shares about her journey with sexual assault, what it’s like to help empower women, and the importance of volunteerism. 💪🏾

Join Sophia in her mission to raise awareness of philanthropy here.

Learn more about Sophia and hear what she had to say on our podcast with the link below. 

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season two episode eight

Curious to know how Freedom a la Cart started, where the name came from, and what a social enterprise is exactly? This week we sat down with our CEO, Paula, and our Social Enterprise Director, Carissa, to bring you a bonus episode that is all about the Freedom a la Cart social enterprise, in honor of celebrating our one-year café anniversary! 🥳

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season two episode nine

Dianne and Morgan share what it’s like being a volunteer with Freedom a la Cart, what impact it has had on their lives, and how you can get involved. 

We definitely wouldn’t be where we are without these two incredible souls and the rest of our amazing volunteers! 💚

If you’re interested in volunteering click here!

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season two episode ten

In this episode of Voices of Freedom, Jess shares what it’s like being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community while sex trafficked. She explains how important it is to have a community of support around you and how even though you may be sober, you will still face daily life challenges.

We are so proud of the success Jess has achieved in her life! 🤩

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season two episode eleven

How does one begin their mindful consumerism journey? Don’t freight! Mindful Consumerism Coach, Melanie, joins us to share how she began her journey and shares a few tips to help you start yours! Melanie also shares the correlation between consumerism and labor trafficking.

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season two episode twelve

Curious how you can help combat the opioid epidemic right here in Central Ohio? On this week’s episode of Voices of Freedom Mandie + Devin chatted with two RREACT team members, Amy and Rachel, who shared about what their team does, what impact Narcan has on our community, and how to help end the stigma around substance use.

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season two episode thirteen

What does life look like after living on the streets for years? It’s hard to imagine the level of strength it takes to leave a lifestyle of prostitution and substance use – but it is achievable. Our friend Nancy joined us for this week’s Voices of Freedom podcast and shares about the life she left and where she is now. 

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season two episode fourteen

Curious about the milestones women achieve once they exit the lifestyle and enter the CATCH program? Want to know more about working with survivors of sex trafficking? Listen to this week’s Voices of Freedom episode to hear our guest Caroline share about her experiences being the CATCH Court Coordinator, where she manages client and partner relations for the specialized docket. Caroline has also volunteered with Sanctuary Night since 2017 as a link between women in ‘the life’ and the court system.

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season two episode fifteen

This week on Voices of Freedom, our friend Kelly joins us from anti-human trafficking organization Her Song. Their mission is to engage survivors of sex trafficking in building a new life by providing safe relationships, a healthy community of support, mental health care, life skills, and preparing them for work, education and achieving new goals.

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season two episode sixteen

Have you heard of the term “trauma bond”? 

On this week’s episode of Voices of Freedom, Kaitlin Casassa, LISW-S, MSW, a PhD candidate in the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University, joins us and helps educate us on what a trauma bond is, who it affects, and how we can help those affected. 

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season two episode seventeen

This week on Voices of Freedom, Liz with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) joins us and shares a little bit about her journey as a survivor leader, what TAT is, and what human trafficking training can do for our communities.

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