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Freedom a la Cart empowers survivors of human trafficking and exploitation to build lives of freedom + self-sufficiency.
We believe that giving a woman practical job skills and developing a strong work ethic is vital for creating a pathway to freedom.

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Growing up with two absent parents as a young child, I always felt unloved, unworthy, and undeserving of a life where I would be loved. At age 5, I didn’t understand why all my friends had moms and dads and I didn’t. At this young age, a fire started burning inside of me fueled by abandonment and sadness.

Growing up with two absent parents at age 10, I let the fuel from the fire turn me into an angry child. I was mad at the world around me because it consumed my mind into thinking I wasn’t smart enough, cool enough, or good enough. I wondered what was wrong with me. What could I do to earn someone’s love? I started trying to please others in any way possible – even if that meant being taken advantage of sexually.

Growing up with two absent parents at age 15, I was in and out of facilities, group homes, and foster care. I started running away and using drugs and alcohol to numb my pain.

Growing up with two absent parents at age 17, I was emancipated from children’s services. I thought the fire was burning out, but the reality was that it would soon completely consume every bit of me. This is when I met my traffickers. I yearned so badly for a parental relationship that I convinced myself they loved me – that I was somehow special to them. At this point in my life, the fire swallowed me up and spit me out.

For almost four years, I was human trafficked. During this time I was in and out of jail. I was knocking on death’s door and had nothing to live for. I was homeless, broken, and someone else’s property. At age 21, I was in jail for the last time. But this time was different because it wasn’t only me in jail – I had a child growing inside of me as well.

Growing up with two absent parents put a fire inside of me that tore me to shreds, but what I soon learned was that this fire also consisted of determination. At this point in my life, I knew I had to seek help to get away from my traffickers. I finally had something to live for – I wanted to give this child the love I had always dreamed of receiving. At age 21, I found out about CATCH Court, a court-appointed program that helps house, treat, and save survivors of human trafficking. CATCH Court saved my life and my child’s life. Within three years I graduated from CATCH Court and Amethyst. I then obtained an apartment for myself and my daughter and secured a stable job at Freedom a la Cart.

Freedom was more than a job. They became my family. They helped me learn how to be an employee, taught me about time management, and how to be a responsible adult. I utilized Freedom’s savings match program, counseling services, and support system.

Now at age 27, growing up with two absent parents has fueled the fire inside of me for good. I have completed nursing school in hopes to help other survivors like myself. My daughter has a present and loving mother and most importantly – I am a free woman with a bright future.

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National Human Trafficking Hotline Number: 888-373-7888
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*For your safety, please never approach a trafficker. Report suspicions to the hotline or call 911.